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Experiential Marketing

You are under pressure to deliver the new activation and it must have the “WOW!” factor. It has to be on-message certainly, but additionally, uniquely creative and engaging. Oh, and of course it must also be on time, within budget and reliable!

Entech Innovative can provide solutions to your needs. We have lengthy, and diverse, experience in successfully building and delivering the WOW! factor to premium brand engagement venues and content. Our commitment to innovation, and a collaborative effort with you, will result in the activation you envision.


As a result of our extensive experience collaborating with theme parks and science centers, we have acquired a flair for fun and excitement. Our reliable methods maximize customer engagement with immersive experiences that contain story lines throughout the activations.

The scope of our work engages many avenues such as VR (virtual reality), gaming, full-body immersive venues, show venues, special structures and vehicles. We are constantly challenged to apply our ingenuity to develop more! Committed to our clients’ success, we deliver their vision.

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