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Chinet Comfort Cup Experience

chinet comfort cup

To increase brand awareness for the Chinet Comfort Cup®, Entech Innovative partnered with Trashtalk FCM to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The campaign focused on engaging the consumer during the regular course of their day. The promotion involved the street team offering passers-by coffee from their coffee dispensing backpacks. Consumers could stop and enjoy their coffee at a mobile coffee table shaped like a large Chinet Comfort Cup®.

While the team at Entech worked with Trashtalk FCM to refine the engagement content for the activation, a lot of great ideas were generated. Why not have the coffee dispensing backpacks look like the Chinet Comfort Cups®? Would the experience be enhanced if steam and coffee smell came out of the top of the Chinet Comfort Cup® table? How about having a warm table top so people could rest their Chinet Comfort Cups® on it and the coffee stay warm? After the suggestions were adapted Entech set to work fabricating!

The large Chinet Comfort Cup® table was designed and fabricated to be an exact replica of a Chinet Comfort Cup® with lid. Powered by batteries to make it portable, it would work up to 6 hours when charged overnight. In addition, the lightweight Chinet Comfort Cup® table had wheels to make it easy for one person to maneuver.

The promotion took place in the northeast during the winter. During the campaign, five partial days each in four markets, over 82,000 cups of coffee and coupons were handed out to potential consumers. The campaign was so successful it was extended to a fifth market.

Working closely with our client, we adjusted to their budget and timeline. Dynamic projects require the ability to solve unique challenges as they arise. Entech’s team provides creative talent balanced with practical knowledge of engineering, fabrication and construction requirements to ensure that each project achieves design intent. And, most importantly, is on time and within budget!

chinet comfort cup

chinet comfort cup


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