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Science Centers and Museums

When planning new interactive exhibits, what qualities do you look for in a provider? Do you want one with a track record of delivering engaging and durable exhibits on time? Do you want one capable of understanding the science of design engineering? One who understands the properties of materials and varied methods of fabrication? Do you want an innovative company that is constantly devising creative solutions to production challenges as they create your vision? At Entech Innovative, we have been doing all of the above for almost thirty years!

At Entech Innovative, we partner with Science Centers and Children’s Museums to collaboratively produce sound, educational, interactive exhibits that meet budgetary goals. “Fun-driven education” describes one of our most celebrated offerings, the SKYCYCLE® High Wire Bicycle originally engineered by founder John Marhoefer. We continue to be energized by challenges. We excel at projects which require sound technical design and engineering and/or are large scale and/or are intricately complex.

Featured Project
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