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Hope Diamond

hope diamond Smithsonian

Entech Innovative Engineering, together with the world famous Diebold Corporation, provided the Smithsonian Institution with the design, engineering and fabrication of the vitrine chest and mechanical security mechanism that permits the public maximum access to the Hope Diamond.

The high-tech mechanism displays and protects the Hope Diamond, one of America’s national treasures, within the security chest that houses it. The top secret mechanical mechanism displays, retracts and secures the diamond each day.  It is also designed to react instantaneously to secure the diamond in case of a security breach.

The details of the design and how it works remain confidential. However, during development of the mechanism the time came near to begin testing and John Marhoefer, CEO of Entech, remembers there was a question as to whether or not Entech would receive the real Hope Diamond as he recommended! Sadly, but not unexpectedly, only the ‘paste’ diamond was used during testing. Notwithstanding, the testing was successful and suffice it to say the Smithsonian has no concerns regarding the security of the precious diamond, displayed daily to thousands of people visiting the Janet Annenberg Hooker Gallery in Washington, D.C.

hope diamond Smithsonian
hope diamond Smithsonian


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