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The Savannah College of Art and Design Presents A Portal to the Past and Present

SCAD Story 4D experience

The Savannah College of Art and Design’s SCADstory is a new 4D experience produced by BRC Imagination Arts in partnership with SCAD and over 25 alumni. The experience integrates the work of two dozen SCAD disciplines and majors — from animation to themed entertainment design.

Opened to the public in late April 2019, this immersive experience carries guests on an unexpected journey of magic and wonder through four decades of SCAD history, design and innovation. SCADstory is built in the historic Poetter Hall, which dates back to 1892 when it opened as the Savannah Volunteer Guard Armory and was the first building that SCAD acquired in 1979.

Part of the story is rendered with the use of Show Action Equipment (SAE). One particular linchpin in the story is a Transforming Wall SAE built to appear as an elegant Georgian fireplace. This wall is used as a surprising storytelling element for guests as they enter SCADstory.

At the direction of the experience producer and creative principal, BRC Imagination Arts, Entech Innovative Engineering provided engineering, manufacturing and installation services for the Transforming Wall SAE and surrounding wall. The central Florida specialty engineering company also coordinated work with the General Contractor to allow for attachment of the wall and fireplace framing to the existing structure and electrical connections in order to power the large effect.

“The BRC team and their SCAD counterparts were tremendous to work with” said Justin Stehr, Technical Design Manager for Entech. “The creative rendering we start with is far from the engineered shop drawings we use to build the structure and many detailed decisions are made along the way. Making sure the creative team was involved as we developed the final design was important to delivering the project our client expected, especially given the tight time frame.”

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SCAD Story 4D experience
SCAD Production


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