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Entech Partners with George P. Johnson for Innovative LED Lifts

George P Johnson LED Screens
Unit with LED Screen in place before going off for final painting

Founded in 1914, George P. Johnson Corporation (GPJ), is one of the world’s premier global, vertically integrated experience design agencies with the responsibility of developing and promoting the brand identities of the some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies. GPJ had an idea to develop a design for LED walls that could travel efficiently as a consolidated singe unit – keeping the LED’s in place. Essentially a plug & play solution. Get the LED walls off the truck, put them in place, raise them up and run content.

So, the challenge was to design a system to accommodate the permanent mounting of the LED panels onto a movable frame capable of revealing full height and yet be able to retract to a height and footprint to accommodate easy shipping in a standard van trailer.

Already in engineering development, the Entech ETVC-15 Panel Display system required only slight modifications to fully accommodate the requirements that GPJ set out. The following figure illustrates the manner in which the panel display system operates:

George P Johnson LED Screens

Entech Innovative partnered with George P. Johnson to design and fabricate these grand and intricate LED Video Wall with accompanying cabinet that towers at over 12 feet tall when deployed. The massive screen can then partially recess into the specially designed cabinet for transportation and storage. These massive displays have many practical uses in experiential marketing, elaborate displays, and much more.

George P Johnson LED Screens

Entech built five of these units in total for this project, designed for indoor and outdoor use. These units have an aluminum superstructure with steel base and counterweight. They are also equipped with removable stabilization legs to protect from overturning when deployed outside, as well as integrated fork pockets to be able to transport from all four sides. In addition, all five units were fitted with a powerful four speaker sound system to project any audio the client may want or need. These units only require power, all audio, video and control systems are located onboard for ease of use.

Entech Innovative was able to utilize our product already in development to accomplish what GPJ needed, creating an innovative solution for an easy to transport, all-in-one product for their experiential marketing needs and beyond.


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