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The Ford Cowboys Stadium Mezzanine

ford cowboys stadium mezzanine

Ford Motor Company wanted a permanent branded environment in the iconic Cowboys Stadium mezzanine. To realize Ford’s vision, Xperience Communications of Detroit, Michigan, partnered with Entech Innovative to design and build the Cowboys Stadium Ford End Zone Mezzanine.

As the technical design and fabrication partner for the group, Entech engineered and fabricated the activation content for the Cowboys Stadium end zone mezzanine. It was Entech’s job to make what Ford and Xperience envisioned come alive. And the mezzanine does come alive with the fountain centerpiece.

Engineered and constructed by the Entech team, the “Ford oval” shaped fountain is enclosed by an infinity edge type pool and offers four pre-programmed “shows.” The “shows” can be controlled and activated via web access. This unseen feature permits a qualified person to run the fountain or change the show from virtually anywhere they have connectivity.

ford cowboys stadium mezzanine

ford cowboys stadium mezzanine

Another prominent highlight, the “Vehicle Stacker” is a large scale display for any eight Ford cars or light trucks. Structurally engineered by the Entech engineering team, the design took into account critical site load bearing capabilities, space and installation limitations and requirements.

In addition, the team at Entech engineered and fabricated an assortment of other major brand identity elements in the mezzanine. Large scale branded signage and architectural details contribute to the visitor’s experience.

The high quality brand statement effected for Ford in the mezzanine experience has become one of the favorite tour stops and game-day destinations for millions of visitors and fans to Cowboys Stadium each year.


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