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Continental 777 / U.S. Open 2009

Continental Airlines 777 US Open Tennis Tournament

Entech Innovative partnered with TrashTalk FCM to make the Continental 777 a one-of- a-kind experience for the 2009 US Open Tennis Tournament. Designed to increase brand awareness at the US Open for Continental Airlines, the 777 replica creatively merged the brand with the event. It was made of tennis balls! The scale model structure in the shape of a 777 plane was covered in colored tennis balls that matched the colors of a Continental 777.

Designed to reflect Continental’s branding, the metal base was cut using our in-house water jet. And finally, the Continental 777 model was set on a slant to give it the appearance of an ascending plane. The customer requested installation and onsite support during the entire event. The Continental 777 looked great at the US Open and was a memorable hit with guests.


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