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Penalty Kick Challenge

2013 Xperience Ford Penalty Kick

It started with an idea. How could the public actively engage with the 2013 Ford Escape redesign and walk away knowing the great new features: 33 miles per gallon and hand-free lift gate? Answer, a custom interactive soccer video game!

The first creative meeting with the Xperience and Entech Innovative Engineering teams was all about the details of the customer experience and defining what the game would do. Then the engineers dove into programming the game and designing the custom sensor platform.

One month after the initial meeting, the prototype game and platform shipped. Entech took the opportunity to improve on the platform design and fulfill the client’s request to develop a football version.

But the development did not stop there. Next, there were flaming balls after three consecutive goals and the Spanish language version. The next sport is baseball and Entech is employing technology that reads movement of the whole body. Now there is no need to transport a platform to play the games. All games are completely customizable. The Penalty Kick Challenge is a great collaboration and huge marketing success!

2013 Xperience Ford Penalty Kick


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