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The Range of Our Work - From Museum Exhibits to Mystical Creatures

Although we sometimes fall outside the parameters of these markets, the majority of Entech Innovative’s projects can be sorted into one of four categories: Theme and Amusement Parks, Science Centers and Museums, Experiential Marketing, and Architectural Specialty Construction. We identified needs in each of these sectors for specialty complex engineering, with problem solving and innovation simply not offered by others.

Doing work in the themed entertainment space, as mentioned in last month’s newsletter, was originally Entech’s primary market. Our owner John Marhoefer found a niche for delivering high quality, blended art-engineering solutions to branded guest engagements. An example of this work from recent years is our work on the Paddlefish restaurant in Disney Springs. We were contacted to build the iconic paddlewheel and smokestack structures – considered by some to be the central architectural features of an old steam-driven paddle wheeler. As is common with all our collaborative projects, we were given architectural renderings to construct our proposal, and ultimately, to develop into engineering and construction drawings. After completing those steps, we fabricated and installed the elements themselves, making sure to focus on aesthetic details of the icons, as well as collaborate with the architect and engineer of the base building. Whether it is large iconic structures, branded environments or ride and show systems, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that surpass client expectations in the themed entertainment industry.

In the Science Centers and Museum’s category, we again identified the need for specialty engineering, helping to produce everything from elaborate exhibits to complex security mechanisms. One project we are particularly proud of in this market is the Entech Innovative Engineering-branded SkyCycle™. The SkyCycle™ is a thrilling experience suspended above the ground on a counterweighted bicycle. It features a hands-on exploration of the scientific principles behind center of gravity, balance and counterweight systems. Working with a team of educators and representatives from several science centers, Entech created the SkyCycle™ and its educational manuals to teach guests about how gravity works, by allowing them to experience it for themselves. The SkyCycle™ has become the standard for full-body immersive educational exhibits for almost a dozen science centers throughout the United States and Asia. Originally the generic high-wire or high-rail bike, Entech’s engineers standardized the design to provide comfort and safety, yet, by permitting riders to sway back and forth within defined limits, simultaneously offering a white-knuckle thrill to first time riders. Entech continues to be told that the SkyCycle™ is the premier attraction at the science center. Entech delivers a range of engaging and durable exhibits with our understanding of the science of design engineering.

Experiential Marketing is another area of work we branched into as a result of our extensive experience collaborating with theme parks and science centers, and the scope of our work engages many avenues such as VR (virtual reality), gaming, full-body immersive venues, show venues, special structures and vehicles. Back in 2017, we teamed with Xperience Communications; under the guidance of Momentum Worldwide, to engineer, build and install the American Express Platinum House’s Main Stage that featured music artist Drake. Aside from the main features of the stage, Entech Innovative installed the different shaped fractals that highlighted the venue’s design. This unique stage was specially designed for this intimate performance, with VIPs such as Michael B. Jordan, Amar'e Stoudemire and Timbaland. Our diverse experience allows us to successfully build and deliver the WOW! factor to premium brand engagement venues and content.

Finally, a combination of all these skills has resulted in some of our largest projects in recent years in the Architectural Specialty Construction market. These projects range from custom architectural pieces, special wall coverings, unique light fixtures to large-scale iconic elements. One of our favorite examples of this work is our Urban Jam at Miami Design District Parking Garage, with a garage façade that included 36 silver and gold car bodies bolted to one of the garage walls in a traffic jam pattern. Entech Innovative partnered with architect Manuel Clavel to provide the cars complete with finished painted fiberglass bodies, functioning LED headlights and taillights for nighttime action, and undercarriage screen print replicas to complete the look when inside the garage. Combining aesthetic focus with sound engineering sense allows us at Entech Innovative to deliver these award-winning projects, even on massive scales such as this one.

Overall, the range of our projects cannot be overstated, as we have participated in everything from unique charging stations to a 10-foot birds nest. As The Company That Works, we pride ourselves in being able to produce the seemingly impossible, being able to come up with innovative solutions for any issues a client may present. Our diverse portfolio is a direct result in our wide scope of capabilities and the depth of our engineering knowledge, our final stop on the Critical Characteristic Crest. Entech is exceptionally proud of our ability to combine creativity and practicality resulting in designs that embody our client’s vision while making engineering and financial sense, no matter what market they may be for.


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