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Entech Innovative Provides Cost-Saving Engineering Solutions for The Exchange Winter Garden

Entech Innovative Engineering is always looking to do just that- Innovate with their known resources and expertise across the range of works that have been accomplished over our many years in business. The Exchange is a three-story building located in the bustling community of Winter Garden. Anchored between the well-attended Farmers Market, Splash Pad and City Hall, the building architecture will pay respect to the small-town charm of Winter Garden.

For The Exchange Building, the General Contractor RC Stevens approached Entech to think outside the box as a cost savings on the decorative panels and columns that were required to give the enhanced aesthetics to the overall building. The original request was to have these elements be made of metal, but with such a small amount of them required to outfit the building a specialty extrusion just was not in the budget. Entech was quick to offer a solution to this by utilizing their Composite Expertise and creating molds of the elements and pulling out the necessary parts and then scenically treating them to match the building. Each panel was custom fit to the as-built dimensions of the building

This out of the box thinking and confidence in our ability to solve a variety of engineering problems, whether its for a cost savings, a different material, a high level of critical thinking to get to the best resolution is what sets Entech apart from the rest. We welcome anyone to reach out if you have a need in any of these areas of your construction job.


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