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Entech Collaborates to Bring Unique Functional Art Installation to Miami Design District

(Image credit: Courtesy DACRA)

In 2023, the spotlight shone brightly on Dr. Samuel Ross, a British polymath making waves in any high-profile collaborations, experimental fashion campaigns, and groundbreaking design exhibits. Among his standout projects was the 'Expression.Service.Essence' installation crafted for the vibrant Miami Design District. Entech Innovative Engineering, deeply rooted in the world of innovation, proudly teamed up with DACRA and RDS to bring Ross's visionary ideas to life.

Our role at Entech was to design and engineer the 12 benches that would embody Ross's artistic vision and find a home across the Miami Design District. DACRA, a visionary real estate development company, played a crucial role as the bridge between Ross and Entech, determining bench locations, quantities, and overseeing installations.

Original Concept Art

Taking 3D concepts provided by Ross, Entech dove into the nitty-gritty of structural analysis, feasibility, and usability. Choosing aluminum plate as the primary material, we aimed to achieve the artist's vision while ensuring durability against the South Florida elements. Extensive testing of coatings under the scorching Florida sun informed our decision-making process. While a prototype of one bench was being fabricated, Entech tested various coatings to see how much heat they absorbed and retrained in the Florida sun.    By the time the prototype was fabricated, the coating had been chosen and was applied.  That prototype was delivered to site and installed several months before the remaining benches were fabricated to get feedback and data.  After testing the prototype in over 3 months of real-world conditions in the south Florida summer, the remaining benches were released for fabrication.

The fabrication process was no small feat. Multiple custom bent plates, welding, and meticulous inspections were key to ensuring each bench met the required shape and strength standards. Entech knew to involve RDS Industrial to accomplish this special fabrication process of bending and rolling this metal with such precision. Every material was chosen for its structural integrity and resilience to the environment.

Our commitment to safety extended to extensive research and testing of the coatings used on the benches. We had to guarantee that the color and materials wouldn't reach dangerous temperatures, ensuring a safe experience for anyone sitting or touching the benches during the scorching summer heat.

Our collaborative journey with Ross, DACRA, and RDS transformed concepts into functional, awe-inspiring sculptures that now grace the dynamic spaces of the Miami Design District. We are proud to partner with such phenomenal companies to bring innovative design-engineering solutions.

(Image credit: Courtesy DACRA)


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