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Entech Partners with BRC Imagination Arts for Award-Winning Experience at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge has become synonymous with the ultimate family getaway with over 20 different locations for their indoor-waterpark resorts. With each Lodge aiming higher than its predecessor, the newest addition in Perryville, Maryland wanted to step it up and create more immersive experiences than ever. In partnership with BRC Imagination Arts, a full-service, strategic design and production company, we were able to design-engineer and fabricate the magical moving picture within the grand fireplace for the new location-based attraction The Legend of Luna. This new immersive experience produced by BRC invites families to gather around the fireplace and watch as the Grand Lobby is transformed into a multi-sensory immersive storytelling space.

What We Did

Entech provided a large format scrolling picture that changed between a static picture and a projection screen and back “magically” during the show. The impressive size of the fireplace meant we had to go big. The two-sided fireplace is a cental feature of the lobby and at the base measures about 17’ wide and 16’ deep. The mantel sits 8’ above the finished floor. From there the chimney rises over 30’ to the peak of the lobby. The maximum dimensions of the picture were approximately 4.5’ wide by 8’ tall with our finished unit measuring about 8’ wide x 11 feet tall.


The picture change had to be quiet, fast and repeatable for many years to come. Entech designed a custom control system to interface with the show control system. Our systems received signals to move on command and sent constant feedback as to actions and positions during the show. The system also had to be low maintenance as access to the controls, sensors and drives is very limited due to the other equipment and special effects packed into the fireplace.


While it may seem simple, there were multiple challenges. First was the sheer scale of the completed unit and the timing of the installation. Being a finishing detail, it was the last large-scale item to be installed in the lobby. Thus, we had to work around finished surfaces and get a very large crate through an already installed front entry. In addition, should they ever want to change the artwork in the future, the system had to be designed such that the portrait could swing into the fireplace and allow the artwork to be replaced.

The Final Product

Entech coordinated with BRC to get accurate as-built measurements of the opening in the fireplace for our unit. Our frame was adjusted to be a fairly snug fit. In order to install the unit, a temporary rolling gantry was built in the lobby which allowed us to hoist the unit and then roll it back to the face of the chimney while clearing the heath and mantle of the fireplace. Entech then coordinated with multiple trades to match drill the frame to the fireplace once in position. After that, it was making all the electrical connections and testing the unit for numerous cycles.

This experience has already won a 2023 Platinum Muse Award for Experiential & Immersive - Experiential & Immersive / Other. A centerpiece to the resort, we are proud with our work with BRC to create this award-winning experience and are excited to continue our partnership on future projects.


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