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Entech's 30 Years of Experiential Marketing

At Entech Innovative Engineering, we take pride in creating unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Over the last 30 years, our track record of successful collaborations with renowned brands speaks for itself, and we are excited to share some of our favorite projects in the world of experiential marketing. An often-overlooked portion of our offerings, Entech has developed relationships with full-service exhibit and event marketing companies over the last three decades of whom produce brand experiences with results that exceed expectations.

First up, Ford Tower of Power: For mobile activations that demand attention, our collaboration with Xperience on the "Ford Tower of Power" truly stands out. Rising 60 feet above the brand activation, this custom-designed tower showcases a brand-new, fully loaded Ford truck, rotating to offer spectacular 360-degree views. It's an awe-inspiring display that demonstrates Ford's ability to tower above the competition and is what began our long relationship creating iconic branding displays for Ford Motor Company.

Moving onto our American Express Platinum House's Main Stage: Teaming up with Xperience Communications once again, we engineered and built the Main Stage for the exclusive American Express Platinum House event at Art Basel in Miami for Momentum Worldwide. Entech Innovative engineered and installed the different shaped multicolor fractals that highlighted the venue’s design. With music artist Drake headlining the event, the stage became an intimate setting that left a lasting impression on the 400 guests, including VIPs such as Michael B. Jordan and Timbaland. Our meticulous attention to detail and innovative design elements set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Next is the George P. Johnson Corporation's LED Video Wall: George P. Johnson approached us with an idea to develop a design for LED walls for mobile activations that could travel efficiently as a consolidated single unit – keeping the LED’s in place. Essentially a plug & play solution. Get the LED walls off the truck, put them in place, raise them up and run content. So, the challenge was to design a system to accommodate the permanent mounting of the LED panels onto a movable frame capable of lifting up revealing the full height of the screen and able to retract to back down for easy shipping in a standard van trailer.

Already in engineering development, the Entech ETVC-15 Panel Display system required only slight modifications to fully accommodate the requirements that GPJ set out. These grand and intricate LED video walls tower at over 12 feet tall when deployed for whatever content the client needed to display. With easy transportation, setup, and integrated audio systems, these units are ideal for elaborate displays and immersive experiences.

Finally, one of our most recent projects – The Zebra Technologies' Tradeshow Demo Units: Working alongside MC², we created portable demo units for Zebra Technologies to showcase their industrial data capture capabilities, specifically the FS40 and VS70 cameras. These cameras needed to be able to verify quality standards for various manufacturers depending on different variables. These turntable and conveyor units highlight Zebra's innovative cameras, providing real-time quality verification and data insights. With precise engineering and attention to detail, we ensured both of these units were easy to transport, unpack, and operate, making them ideal for tradeshows and demonstrations.

At Entech Innovative, our team of engineers and designers are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate brands and engage your audience. From customized displays and stage setups to interactive installations, our innovations are made to align with your brand's identity and exceed your clients' expectations. Want to collaborate on your next brand project? Contact us below or at

For more details on these projects & our other experiential marketing offerings:


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