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Custom Engineered Portable Structures

This engineered customized portable structure at Walt Disney’s Epcot was designed and fabricated to meet many needs. The engineered portable structure had to look like a white stucco house in the Greek Islands, it had to have the structural integrity portability requires and the electrical systems a commercial kitchen requires. Entech Innovative Engineering was up for the challenge and ultimately re-engineered the project to save time, money and improve the look and durability of the portable structure offering mobile-cuisine.

Our client came to Entech with drawings of what they wanted. Originally, the engineered portable structure was to be constructed in two pieces and attached together at the location. However, the original design had an obvious seam line and the drawings indicated an inefficient construction that would be costly. Since the final dimensions were not too large to travel on a flatbed truck, the engineers at Entech redesigned the portable structure to be one piece.

The final portable structure offered retractable wheels, aluminum frame construction, commercial grade electrical and a seamless look. In addition, the new design required less maintenance and site repairs.


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