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Art of Animation – Metal Flats

art of animation little mermaid

672 aluminum and stainless steel flats were cut individually, scenic hand painted and installed to decorate the three buildings in The Little Mermaid area of the Art of Animation Resort. The shapes ranged from bubbles, to waves, to eels, to seahorses, to angel fish, to dolphins 22’ long. The variety and placement of the flats makes the area and each building unique.

art of animation hotel side fish

For the installation of the metal flats, the Entech Innovative Engineering team developed an innovative process to make installation go smoothly. Since there are 672 metal flats, each with an average of 7 holes, 4,704 holes had to be drilled. In addition, each hole had to be in a precise location calculated by engineering to line up with its specific mounting point. To expedite and simplify the process in the field, the engineers sent the coordinates for each hole location to a Kindle Fire used by the install team in the field.


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