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The Project Management Team Behind How We Work

Entech Innovative Engineering prides itself on Project Management that surpasses expectations and considers our PM team our most important production unit. Our project management team works off a strict set of guidelines and are expected to handle whatever a project may throw at them. We spoke with two of our Senior Project Managers about their background and a variety of project-related topics to gain insight into what project management means to them, and how they work to the standards Entech has set forward.

Eric Roehl served as PM for our DNA Chandelier at Universal Beijing

Eric Rohel, who has a bachelor's and master's degree in Ocean Engineering, has over 20 years of experience and was previously a Project Manager at Structural Composites working on a variety of projects for theme parks, defense contractors and the US Navy. Eric’s extensive experience in the field allows him to swiftly pivot when met with challenges. “The most important part of project management is Flexibility,” Rohel said, adding “being able to react quickly to changes in any aspect of a project that is out of your control such as supply chain issues, design changes, schedule, etc.” This is especially true for us at Entech with our often large-scale, dynamic pieces that take large amounts of materials, frequent redesigns, etc. Discussing the overall role of Senior Project Manager further, Eric discussed how you must be on top of essentially every aspect of a job, cash management, risk mitigation, procurement, and beyond. Day-to-Day activities involve checking to see if schedules are on track, monitoring any potential change to the scope or risks to be aware of. At Entech we specifically hire individuals we believe can tackle all these responsibilities and more to support not only Entech, but our customer as well.

Shane Gray, our other Senior Project Manager on staff, has been involved in production, project, facilities, and production management for over twenty-five years. His experience includes Production Director at a theming company, General Manager of an FEC/amusement park where he was responsible for the grand opening and operation of the park during its first two seasons, Supervisor of field installation teams, and Project Manager of many complex custom design-build projects. This wide variety of roles is vital to success according to Gray, stating “Experience is exactly what helps to solve problems effectively. You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Shane Gray served as PM for Award Winning Blue Horizons at SeaWorld San Diego

Gray also discussed the challenges that come along with project management and how to handle them. “A PM should be aware of all aspects of the project including Scope, Cost, and Time. This is a triangle of the constraints of project management. The quality of the projects work is constrained by budget, schedule, and scope.” It’s up to our project management team to overcome these limitations and ensure that the work delivered surpasses client expectations while remaining within budget and on time. Shane states the key to this is attention to detail. “Breaking the situation into smaller and smaller parts can help one to manage projects more effectively. This helps to eliminate surprises. A well-run project has no surprises.” When each part of the project is broken up into more manageable parts, it allows our PM to ensure that each aspect is up to the clients and Entech’s stringent standards.

Overall, Entech Innovative Engineering is dedicated to elite Project Management staffing and considers this to be one of main values as a company, with focus placed on every aspect from documentation and organization to contract and risk management. Combined with our expert fabricators and 30,000 SQ FT fabrication facility, Entech has the talent and facilities to produce successful projects that remain levels above the competition. Reach out to us at so we can have our expert PM team manage your next project.


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