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From Celebrating to Looking Ahead: How Entech's Facility Upgrades Help Shape Our Future

As we close out a year-long celebration of Entech Innovative Engineering's remarkable 30-year journey, we are filled with gratitude for the past and brimming with anticipation for the future. Our anniversary year has been more than just a celebration; it's been a year of transformation. We've invested in our facility, upgrading our equipment and machinery, revamping workstations, and refining processes.  

In the last few months, we have been working closely with our fabrication team to upgrade some key pieces of equipment. “While working at Entech, I have come to trust that they are more than willing to help us improve our efficiency” said Production Manager Chris Gaines “They are willing to listen to ideas on what we would think make a job easier and then get the items we need to do so.” 

A few of the pieces of machinery we have invested in include new work and travel trucks and multiple shop workstations with integrated computer systems. We’ve replaced one of our forklifts with a brand-new lift that has a higher weight capacity, to help with our large-scale jobs. 

Director of Operations Ian Gaines weighed in on some of our newest upgrades and what they mean for the fabrication team, stating “We have purchased new Chop guns to help control laminate and build FRP pieces, a new gel coat rig to help spray gel on the base coat for our FRP pieces and a brand-new mill to do more precise work, which helps in Proto-typing parts that we need on the fly. We have also purchased a new hydraulic table to help move projects and keep them in an ergonomic position so the employees can work safer, and a new hydraulic table for the CNC router to help with loading the table with material.”  

These improved workstations throughout the shop floor, new tools, and updated machinery are all in efforts to improve processes, increase efficiency and ultimately provide cost-savings for our clients. Giving our fabrication team the best equipment only serves to increase our output and make production a smoother process. Maintaining schedules and deadlines is one of our key focuses, so continuing to improve operations is vital. “I can say we are truly blessed with an owner and management team that wants to give us every opportunity to be successful in our jobs.” said Chris Gaines. 


As we draw the curtains on our 30-year celebrations, our gaze is firmly fixed on the promising horizon of our endeavors, our team, and, of course, our facility. The commitment to enhancing our capabilities persists as we invest in cutting-edge equipment and embrace the latest technology to elevate both our facilities and overall output. Moreover, our forward-looking approach extends to the potential acquisition of a new building behind our existing one. This strategic addition aims to segregate our fiberglass work, ensuring meticulous control over the entire process. This monumental milestone has not only allowed us to reflect on our incredible history but also to set our sights on the exciting projects and innovations yet to come. We are excited to make continual bounds forward and continuing to upgrade our shop to maintain our top-tier quality work.  


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