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Dollywood Mystery Mine Roller Coaster

dollywood mystery mine roller coaster

Mystery Mine, a Dollywood attraction, is a roller coaster designed to take guests on a realistic and dramatic adventure through a long abandoned coal mine with an eerie past. Herschend Family Entertainment asked Entech Innovative Engineering to create excitement during the ride. Entech engineers used state-of-the-art show effects, including pyrotechnics and audio that set the stage for the experience.

Thrill-seekers relish the 95-degree drops that plunge them into darkness before continuing through the foggy ruins of a fire-ravaged coal mine from the early 1900s. Entech engineers make this attraction a show riders won’t soon forget as they travel through the series of uncertain encounters. What the guests don’t know is the flame system is NFPA16-compliant and was created using the latest safety PLC technology.

dollywood mystery mine roller coaster


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