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30 Years of Success: Stories from Our Dedicated Team Members

As we proudly commemorate three decades of innovation, growth, and unwavering dedication, we want to continue our journey of retrospection and celebration. At Entech Innovative Engineering, our success story wouldn't have been possible without the passionate individuals who have been the driving force behind our achievements. We have talked to past employees, but now we are thrilled to present candid conversations with our talented current employees and leaders from various departments. Join us as we explore their unique experiences, cherished memories, and insights into what truly makes Entech a remarkable place to work.


KSC Heroes & Legends

Justin Stehr - Executive Director

What do you enjoy most about working at Entech?

"Truly, a lot. From the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands when it comes to theme parks, construction projects, museums, and consumer brand names, it has been a dream come true to say that I have been a part of so much that has had an impact on millions of people's lives is just incredible to think about. The ability to learn so much more beyond what my college education had to offer when it comes to interacting with the fabrication folks to begin to understand more about welding, paint, fiberglass, and composites and to see the labors of everyone's efforts come together to complete the job no matter how big or small is still very rewarding."

Can you share a project or experience that you worked on here that you are particularly proud of?

"It is hard to narrow down to A job per se, but the three that stand out are the Ride and Drive for Daytona International Speedway as it was my very first project that I started as a design engineer. To take an empty lot and put a road course on it really showed what John and I could accomplish together as an engineering team. That job gave me the confidence to take lead on The Kennedy Space Center Heroes and Legends walkway ramp as head engineer on that job to be in the early concept design to prove out that we could do what is seen today for the budget and see it through with many site visits allowed me to know I was on the right path for growth. Followed by all the knowledge coming from that job in the composite world to being able to work on the Miami Art District parking garage. Hanging 36 full sized FRP cars on the side of a parking garage as well as having FOUR – 18 feet tall Caryatid Statues flank the entry way is hard to just ignore as a job to be proud of. All these jobs won awards in their own respect, which shows the type of people that surround us here at Entech to make sure that the work is top notch."

What would you say to someone considering working for Entech?

"We like to say that Entech is an overachiever's paradise, and it certainly is very true. If you have a desire for this industry and a willingness to learn and be challenged all while making some amazing projects come to form, then a place like Entech is right for you, but come prepared to work and work hard, the reward is all worth it."


Eric Roehl- Sr. Project Manager

What made you choose to work for Entech?

"I was never interested in working for a large company where you were just a number and did the same thing over and over every day. When I decided to apply to Entech my research told me this was a company that does unique and interesting projects. I had no idea the variety of the projects Entech did until I interviewed and saw just a glimpse of what was going on in the shop. I knew then that if I got the job, life would not be boring. And I was right! Another aspect of Entech that I love is the fact that we do it all. Design, Build and Install."

Can you share a project or experience that you worked on here that you are particularly proud of?

"I always joking say “I can’t choose between my kids”. We take ownership of all out projects and It is hard to pick just one. I love various aspects of every project I contributed to, no matter how small. If I had to choose a type or project, it is one where an artist gives us a piece of paper with a general concept, and we have to make that concept a reality. I have had the privilege of working for some very creative clients with amazing ideas. When they come when everything is installed and say: “This is even better than I imagined!” It makes you feel great, and I love sharing the feedback with the team."

How does working at Entech contribute to your professional growth and development?

"The variety of projects requires continual growth in multiple disciplines. We can go from researching how to make artificial leaves for a one-of-a-kind tree to complex mechanical systems with intricate controls to large composite structures. In a single day."


Ian Gaines - Director Of Operations

What do you enjoy most about working At Entech?

"There is such a team atmosphere here. You are part of this team, and your ideas are valued and taken seriously. You are also able to start a project and see it all the way through to the end. If your idea is not used, then there is an explanation why it wasn’t. So at least you will learn for the next time."

Can you share a project or experience that you worked on here that you are particularly proud of?

"The Miami Cars. That is the first job I worked on when I started with Entech. It tested my abilities in the FRP world along with the fabrication area. I knew then that I had made the right decision to come to work for Entech and I have never looked back. Along with hanging 36 life size cars on a parking garage we built four caryatids that went on the either of the entrance and exit of the garage. I’ve learned new methods when it came to FRP and how many different applications it can be used."

What do you feel sets our company apart from others in the engineering industry?

"We are set apart because we are not only engineers, but we also build what we design. Most engineering firms don’t and when that happens there is a lot of practical knowledge missing from the drawings. Our engineers can come to the shop floor and put their hands on the project they design as well as help build them. Practical knowledge is what IMO puts you over the top when it comes to engineering."


Matt Yeatts - Engineer

What do you enjoy most about working at Entech?

"Entech has provided me with a career path and work environment that's a perfect match for my personal interests and goals. I prefer to have a lot of variety in the work that I do, so I love being involved in an ever-changing rotation of projects, each one totally unique from the rest. It really allows us to flex our creativity and problem-solving skills and continue to learn new things every day, so the job never gets stale. I’m also glad to have such a small but capable team where it feels more like working with people than working for them. There’s a lot of experience here to learn from, but I still feel like a valuable asset and get to contribute much more than I could at a lot of other companies."

How does working at Entech contribute to your professional growth and development?

"There truly is no ceiling to how much there is to learn here. It feels great to dive into real world applications and learn the sorts of things a book can’t teach you. Every project has challenges, but you come out of them with firsthand experience and new solutions that can be invaluable when moving on to whatever comes next. And even beyond technical knowledge, I’m interacting with customers often and understanding more about the professional world and the business side of engineering, which can be useful no matter where you work."

What do you feel sets our company apart from others in the engineering industry?

"I feel that a lot of work in the engineering industry, at least based on my previous experience, has mostly been figured out down to a science, and many companies have little room left for creativity and innovation, especially for newer engineers such as myself. At Entech, almost everything we build is the first of its kind, meaning our problems are very open-ended and often have many possible solutions for us to explore. While this can easily lead to difficulty and stress, it just feels that much better when you do reach the other side and get to see the results of your labor and the way people react to something that we made."


It's made clear through these interviews that our team has pride for where they work, and for good reason. Here at Entech, we create one of a kind projects and experiences that have never been attempted before. Our integration of different skills and techniques, mixed with a small business environment allows our employees to thrive and do the unthinkable. We sincerely thank the employees that participated in this interview, but truly each and every one of our employees are vital to Entech's continued success.

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