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The Longevity of Our Work- Nearly 30 Years of Innovation

The beginning of Entech Innovative Engineering, starting as Florida Entech Company and later Entech Creative, was in a mother-in-law suite over a garage and has now expanded to our 30,000 square foot office and fabrication facility of today. Entech Innovative has continued to grow in response to the needs of our varied clients.

Our founder and Chief Engineer John Marhoefer attended Lehigh University on scholarship and graduated with a BSCE degree and subsequently earned an MBA from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. Beginning in civil engineering, John branched out and began doing engineering work in themed entertainment, as he enjoyed the innovation and creativity that often presented itself in that particular market. John chose the challenge of starting his own company in 1993 on the principles learned as a young engineer of sound structural and mechanical design, as well as cost-effective problem solving based on customer commitment.

An early example of our work, after convincing the visiting project executives we had the resources to take on the job, Entech created The Pterodactyl Airline (pictured) for the Universal Studios Hollywood Flintstones Stage Show. This truly complex element “flew” over the audience carrying performers and proved to be the first in a long line of what Entech Innovative would come to specialize in: complex, engineered, iconic elements other companies avoid or are not sure how to create.

pterodactyl airlines universal

Our work only expanded from there, venturing from the themed entertainment market into science centers and museums, experiential marketing and brand activations, as well as custom architectural pieces and icons. Another one of our early projects, together with the world-famous Diebold Corporation, Entech provided the Smithsonian Institution with the design, engineering and fabrication of the vitrine chest and mechanical security mechanism that permits the public maximum access to the Hope Diamond. The high-tech mechanism displays and protects the Hope Diamond, one of America’s national treasures, within the security chest that houses it. The top-secret mechanical mechanism displays, retracts and secures the diamond each day. It is also designed to react instantaneously to secure the diamond in case of a security breach.

Smithsonian hope diamond

Smithsonian hope diamond

After nearly 30 years our design and engineering expertise has stood the test of time, with clients ranging from The Walt Disney Company, Universal Parks and Resorts, SeaWorld Entertainment Co., NASA, Margaritaville, The National Children's Museum, and many more. Entech Innovative has the capabilities and knowledge to provide complex solutions that deliver clients' needs in a way no competitor has been able to replicate. Pictured below are a few of our wide collection of various projects in the past, demonstrating our longevity while highlighting engineering knowledge and creativity that has allowed us to provide award-winning work to clients worldwide.


Toy's R Us Ferris Wheel Times Square

Toy's R Us Times Square Ferris Wheel

Entech Innovative SkyCycle

Entech Innovative-branded SkyCycle™

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Rocket Garden

SeaWorld San Diego Blue Horizons

National Children's Museum Dream Machine


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