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The Depth of Entech's Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge is the most important of the three value proposition characteristics Entech Innovative Engineering offers, primarily because it makes the other two possible. An argument can be constructed that the other two are built on the foundation of deep knowledge; The company’s ability to have prospered for so long having undertaken as many different types of challenges as we have, has all been made possible by an underpinning of knowledge and commitment to understanding the nuances and intricacies of the projects from technical and business standpoints. More succinctly, the ability to work successfully on the broad range for the extended amount of time we have is a product of our commitment to having a Depth of Knowledge on the work we are undertaking.

How do we come by this commitment? Our experience!

The road to becoming experienced can be long and rough, richly replete in hard and sometimes very costly lessons. Those who are experienced vow to learn the lessons and avoid difficulties known and unknown in the future. A prophylactic measure is to know as much as can be known from as many sources as possible and employ that knowledge early and often. In our long and ranging work experience, it is this conviction that puts us constantly in search of a deep and rich understanding of our means and methods Our company culture that values continuous pursuit of new and increasing knowledge and ideas that we may be able to implement into our work.

Experience tells us to be more knowledgeable today than we were yesterday. To learn well yesterday’s lessons and employ that knowledge in our work today. Our company operations broadly speaking include these three: Engineering & Technical Design, Project Management, and Fabrication & Installation.

In the following we’ll briefly discuss how experience and pursuit of a depth of knowledge has affected and influenced our work in each of these areas.

Engineering & Design: Experience has taught us to prize Depth of Knowledge and accordingly in our engineering and technical design the firm employs degreed engineers and accredited technical designers. Our proficiency in multiple systems, designs, prototyping, etc. is part of what sets us apart from the rest. Our professionally licensed engineers are bound by an ethical code to deliver to the highest of standards.

When we have a project that requires expertise that is not present in-house, we will find and employ an expert consultant. One such example is when we were building the Wind Tunnel for Liberty Science Center, to assure we were providing the correct flow regime for a successful exhibit we hired a Rose-Hulman University professor to review and guide our technical design decision. Under the guidance of Dr. Alan Roper, the exhibit exceeded expectations for the range of wind speeds and the necessary flow regimes required of it. Having a team of professionals educated and experienced in a wide scope of engineering disciplines is vital to the custom, complex projects we have come to specialize in.

Project management is another clear indication of the Depth of Entech’s Knowledge and how our expertise in this category puts us above our competition. Our team of project managers have decades of experience and demonstrate their practical and technical knowledge, aesthetic acumen, people skills, and fabrication abilities daily. Because many of our projects are often one-off large-scale pieces, it is necessary for us to have a well-versed team that can problem solve and think proactively. Project Managers constitute Entech’s most important production unit The manner in which the PM’s plan and execute the project will therefore have a decisive impact on Entech’s overall operation results. As an Entech Project Manager they must understand and handle situations affecting the outcome of the project. To set them up for success, Entech has a booklet of guidelines that gets presented to the Project Manager. The guidelines discussed in further detail in this booklet include:

  1. Responsibility and Authority

  2. Organization

  3. End Result

  4. Sales

  5. Purchasing

  6. Cost Management

  7. Cash Management

  8. Contract Management

  9. Documentation

  10. Risk Management

Entech sets their Project Managers with all the knowledge needed to produce a successful project every time and allows our PM’s to demonstrate their own expertise in the field.

Finally, our Depth of Knowledge is demonstrated through our Fabrication & Installation practices, with multiple high-level certifications and capabilities ranging from carpentry to thematic treatment. Our artisans are skilled in multiple different materials such as metals, composites and wood as well as different methods of fabrication. Entech utilizes the cross-training approach to help increase the knowledge of their employees as well. While welding and scenic painting are left to those that are certified, the ability to apply a base coat of paint, turn a wrench, apply resin, sand, etc. can be done by all those at Entech once cross training is complete. This not only benefits Entech to have a well-versed staff but benefits the employee as well for their resume and future endeavors. Entech always has the end in mind when it comes to installation of their works. Installation is strongly thought about in the estimation phase all the way up until the point of doing the installation itself. Whether it’s building special jigs, mocking up the installation, simulating the installation, or even going to a site for a tour, it’s the knowledge and experience that Entech has that allows the installation of some of the most unique jobs to go flawlessly.

Examples of that are hanging every car on a gantry in the Entech shop before hanging it on the side of the garage in Miami, or going on a site tour of Mall of Millenia to confirm the back of house can fit the 16’ tall tiki poles that were installed in the Margaritaville restaurant. As previously mentioned, our projects are usually original distinctive works, and our team of experts has to be able to apply their skills to fabricate and install projects never attempted before – and likely never again.

As we close on defining our Character Characteristic Crest, it’s important to note again why we outlined these attributes in the first place, to demonstrate how we are The Company That Works™. We are grateful for the experience and projects that have only magnified these characteristics for us, and the obstacles we have overcome utilizing them. Without our Longevity and Range all accumulating into our Depth of Knowledge, we would not be the company we are today or be able to create works of such complexity and magnitude. As we continue to look at how Entech Work’s in coming months, we will look in depth at some of our projects, our employees, our facility, and more to give people an inside look at how all these attributes have manifested themselves and inspire how We Work.


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