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How We Work- Spreading Knowledge

Hosting and speaking to students, young professionals, clients and beyond is a part of our company that Entech Innovative Engineering considers to be of the utmost importance. Being able to use our Depth of Knowledge to educate, share ideas, and expand upon concepts helps to inspire innovation for us and the people we speak to alike.

The best way to share this information is through true practical works and Entech will guide visitors through our 30,000 square foot facility. This allows for information to be exchanged based on the audience about what we do when it comes to Metal Fabrication, Composite Materials, Mold Making, Scenic Paint and other traits that go into day-to-day projects.

When sharing this information with students and other young professionals we try to showcase the fine details of what goes into the manufacturing process. This includes but is not limited to: showing finished welds and explain the amount of time and effort required to complete a weldment, showcasing the different mats and resins that go into creating the right composite for the fiberglass part needed, as well as showcasing other aspects that can highlight what hard work goes into completing what some may believe to be a simple task.

Part of Entech's Fabrication Facility

The client walkthroughs become more specific based on what type of job or work is expected to come up, while still highlighting all of Entech’s capabilities. We prefer to create a dedicated presentation for that client, school, etc. based on the needs of that specific group, and what information they can benefit most from. This is all still encompassed by the foundation of sharing knowledge about our Preconstruction/Estimating, Project Management, and Technical Design and Engineering.

When discussing the estimating side of Entech, we like to express the importance of having a detailed proposal being sent over as it can create many challenges to have uncertainty in the scope. This can impact the estimate financially, the approach of how the job could/should get accomplished, as well as bring up scheduling concerns as well. All of which have hinderance back on the overall project.

We show an expertise on the Project Management level by delving into what attributes are required to be a Project Manager for Entech. Those attributes include Responsibility, Organization, End Results, Sales, Purchasing, Cost Management, Cash Management, Documentation, and Risk Management. By knowing all these elements and being able to share this information with others we feel as though this strengthens client confidence in the Entech employees.

When describing our engineering, we like to focus on how the engineers at Entech get the job done. This brings a familiarity to how Entech takes the “napkin sketch” so to speak and turns it into an engineering work of art. This can be from the structure, including material choice, how the element may move mechanically if/as needed, and how the job will be fabricated and potentially tested, to showing the amount of technical thought Entech must put into the installation portion of the job. The job isn’t done when it leaves the shop, and we like to emphasize and show the importance of understanding the installation. Whether Entech is installing the job or just providing installation supervision, we express the same amount of care and support.

Finally, Lunch & Learns are a quick and easy way we can speak with others about Entech. These meetings with general contractors and other companies we work with serve as informational sessions and are not limited to just learning general facts about the company, but going into detail on examples of innovative ideas, problem solving strategies within the estimating, engineering and project management departments, as well as examples of cost-saving solutions that have benefited clients in the past. We also try and highlight like works, so the clients can relate their current work to Entech vast range of previous works. These sessions are packed with information and work to highlight partnership opportunities as well as share knowledge based on the group we are speaking to.

Using our Depth of Knowledge by not only applying it to projects but spreading it to others is something we at Entech do not take lightly, as we strive to be thought leaders in our industry. Being able to invite people to a behind-the-scenes look, or go out and give in-depth presentations tailored to each group is part of what makes us The Company That Works, as we want to encourage others to innovate and work with us.

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