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How We Work as a Small Business

It often surprises people, especially considering the large scale works we produce, when they find out Entech Innovative Engineering is a small business with approximately 40 employees at full capacity. We believe in the concept of quality over quantity, with our engineering, project management, and fabrication experts with decades of experience being able to tackle even the most complex requests thrown at us.

Our vast range of capabilities is a key part of being able to create our massive projects with a relatively small staff. Each member of our fabrication team has skills and certifications in multiple areas, and professional experience in a variety of production facilities. This also applies to the multiple materials our team members specialize in such as metals, composites, and wood, so that we can utilize whatever is necessary for the project. On top of all our shop team’s technical skills is their experience in scenic work and the artistic flair that often is required for our projects with theme and amusement parks. Combining these allows us to make works that are both engineering and artistic feats with just a few highly skilled individuals.

Another way our range of abilities gives us the upper hand as a small business is the variety of backgrounds of our team members, allowing us to attack obstacles and new ideas from many angles. Our engineering staff consists of mechanical, structural, aerospace and ocean engineers, demonstrating our Depth of Knowledge in multiple engineering disciplines and allowing us to be prepared for the most unique projects. For example, our founder and current managing partner John Marhoefer has an extensive background in many disciplines including structural, dynamic mechanical, controls, and power distribution systems. The rare combination of knowledge and skill provides him with the tools necessary to successfully integrate a wide variety of disciplines into cohesive projects.

Another way Entech leverages our skills as a small business is by utilizing our staff to the fullest extent. Every member of the team has an array of responsibilities, wearing multiple “hats”. Upper management is involved in every step of the process from estimating jobs to install, all members of our staff consider themselves to be in the sales and business development department, and every employee pitches in when and how they can. Keeping this relationship and support between our employees is crucial, but again easier in a smaller group with plenty of opportunity to collaborate.

One last group of individuals that should not be forgotten is over the years developing a reliable list of resources and subcontractors. We know we can effectively communicate with these companies and individuals when it comes to precision machining, large scale CNC machining, or other specialty equipment machines that Entech does not have, but knows just who to go to for that high level of integrity that Entech’s work displays.

Overall, using the knowledge and expertise gained from decades of experience, and close collaboration between multiple departments, Entech is able to produce these large-scale and elaborate works with just a select few team members. Each employee is carefully selected to add to our Depth of Knowledge and allow us to continue to produce the intricate projects for high profile clients we have known for the last 30 years.


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