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Entech Partners with Drown Zero International to Fabricate Flotation Device Stations

The Drown Zero initiative began as a Cocoa Beach Rotary Club project that has evolved into the successful implementation of 100+ Drown Zero International flotation device stations in Brevard County and beyond.

Entech Innovative is proud to fabricate these life-saving stations to help the Drown Zero International mission to prevent drownings worldwide through education, awareness, and rescue equipment implementation.

These simple yet effective stations have already have helped to prevent drownings in the Brevard County area and are continuing to spread throughout Florida.

The Drown Zero project is a community sponsored program. Local businesses and residents adopt the station rings to help offset costs for the program and maintain the stations.

For more information on adopting a station, click here.

Entech is honored to be a part of the Drown Zero initiative and help keep the space coast safe for all beach-goers. We would like to thank the Cocoa Beach Rotary Club for involving us in this project, and we are excited for the future of Drown Zero!


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