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    Ford’s Tower of Power for Xperience Communications

Entech Innovative
A Specialty Design Engineering & Fabrication Company

We build unique, creative, large-scale, complex and highly reliable structures and machines.  We have a commitment to constantly innovating  and discovering new ways of delivering superior products to our clients.

  • Mechanical, Structural and Control Systems Design & Professional Engineering
    Metal, Timber & Composites Fabrication
    Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electrical Systems
    Scenic & Certified Automotive Paint Applicators
    Installation & Erection & Startup
    Certified General Contractors
    Certified Welding

A Trusted Partner

We are a mission-focused firm with a clear understanding of our core professional values which we seek to infuse into our actions and work.

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going and Why

In this short video, Managing Partner John Marhoefer talks about the company’s history and how Entech is able to make a positive impact on the lives of the company’s customers and other stakeholders.

What We Do For You

We specialize in Engineering + Design + Build of special structures, vehicles, machines and interactive and branded content for mobile and permanent brand activations.

Since 1993, we have been trusted on critically important projects successfully delivering for the world’s largest brand builders.

Our Work Over The Years

The following are photos of our projects over the years

Let’s Chat

We love our work and part of what makes it so special are the challenges of building the unusual or special. We’ll be glad to discuss any projects or development initiatives or engage in any other dialog and here is a way to get a conversation started.



John Marhoefer, Managing Partner